April 24, 2010

We framed a wall!

The basement project is moving forward. A few weeks ago Mark brought home all the studs we should need to frame the walls. We are using metal studs because we got a great price on them and some of the guys Mark works with gave him a quick tutorial on how to put them up. So late Friday night we headed down stairs to get to work. After I asked a million questions and Mark was very patient explaining it over and over to me, we got to work.

If you don’t get sick from the angle of this picture…I feel a little dizzy…you can see what it looked like after we removed all the old walls. Just a concrete basement. Very nice and clean.

And here it is with the first wall framed. I helped with that wall. I actually have my very own pair of work gloves. Some of those screws holding the wall up, I did. I can work a drill. I’m a builder!

We even framed windows. At this point in the project I was the level holder. Not an extremely strenuous job, but an important job none the less. Mark had the dangerous job of cutting the studs.

The sparks were very pretty. It did smell terrible and at one point the smoke alarms in the whole house started going off. So then I had the important job of fanning the smoke detectors.

It was noisy and smelly and smoky

But it was very pretty

And now we have the outside walls of the family room, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2 framed. Progress is a good feeling.

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  1. Wow! That seems like a lot of work. I bet you can't wait for it to be done!!

    Thanks for saying hi and for the olive oil tip. I'm gonna do that today. :)


    Loving This Mom Stuff