April 14, 2010

Spring has arrived...I think

As usual in Idaho the weather doesn't know what it should do. April came in with a bang, but then a day later it was a nice sunny day. The flowers in the front are showing their pretty little heads.

There is a little tiny spider on tip of the daffodil.
He's so cute and just hang in out on that leaf. I didn't even know he was there until I transferred the pictures to the computer.

When we replanted this flower bed I had no idea what was in it. The girls and I just pulled everything out one fall and tossed all the bulbs in a bucket. Once we were sure we got them all out, we just started putting them back in the ground. I'm just loving how low maintenance everything has been.

Notice the dark grey sky in the background...a few minutes before it was nice and sunny. Idaho in spring time is so unpredictable. But the tree has such pretty blooms on it. In a few days these blooms will drop and be swirling around the neighborhood looking much like a snow storm in April.

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  1. I love when blossoms fall from trees like leaves - it's the most beautiful of storms!