April 16, 2010

If only I was younger...

As I watch the kids on these wonderful sunny spring days...yes the sun has finally decided to stick around for a few days now...I dream of days when my body wasn't so old.  Days when I could do this.

Ok, so maybe not EXACTLY this.

Or this either.  That looks like it hurt.  In reality it did hurt and she took a break from showing me her new 'trick'  I don't think this is what she envisioned in her head when she told me to "Come Quick"

While Ashley took a rest, Allyson took over.

  Good rotation
I think the look on her face shows just how much fun this jumping is.  Lets take a closer look at the joy!

Honestly, she though that was fun.  I would hate to see her do something NOT fun.

Feeling brave again, Ashley jumped right back in it.
I love that it looks like her hair is holding her up.
Again where is the joy?
AH, there it is. The joy of knowing you have lived through the trick.
All the time the kids were jumping, the dog was doing this...
She's actually jumping at the bugs she sees.  She likes to eat them...but that's an entirely different story.


  1. Ugh - okay, I can barely look at those photos, as they make me feel like somebody is going to break their neck at any moment! I love how the dog looks like he wants to join in though!

  2. How cool... you can get some really funny pics from trampoline jumps...love the hair holding her up and face expressions...