April 12, 2010

April brought more destruction

April arrived and brought with it more basement destruction. Mark and his brother have been working hard on getting everything ripped out of the basement and I think they have almost completed their to-do list.

Anybody need a pile of old drywall and insulation?  Sorry you can't have it, we have already taken this pile to the dump, but when we rip out the main floor I will make sure to offer it before we haul it away.
And can you think of a more peaceful looking place to do your laundry? Really I am a lucky girl to have such luxury. Notice the toilet back there? That is what is left of our second bathroom. Who needs privacy...not us. The girls now refuse to go downstairs to us the bathroom. Kids are so picky.
Everything is open and we have been able to pull out the old baseboard heater wires.  The mess has been cleaned up and we are nearing the reconstruction stage.  Now if we could just come to an agreement as to where to put the new walls we could get off and running.

I just keep reminding myself that it's getting closer every day, even though it feels so far away.

Did I mention we might have house guests this summer...no rush!

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