April 19, 2010

Sunday was family day!

Last Sunday we had all of our house chores done and there really wasn’t anything new to start on the basement project, so I packed some sandwiches and we headed out for a drive. Mark was driving and we had no real destination planned. It was nice to just get away and do something fun. We ended up on the road to Silver City, Idaho. A few years back we drove up there to see the ‘ghost’ town. It was interesting. I need to remember to take more pictures out the truck window so I could show you how treacherous the road was. About 14 miles into the 20 mile journey I had a huge panic attack and forced Mark to turn around. For the first 10 miles I tried to nicely tell him that I wasn’t really up to this journey…so it really started at mile 1 when the sign on the side of the road said something to the effect of “Road travel impossible from September to June due to hazardous conditions. Travel at your own risk”.

Somewhere around mile 6 there is a sign that say “Travel past this sign at your own risk. You will be responsible for all cost incurred for rescue”. I read these signs to Mark and he just kept on driving. I nicely pointed out the mud pit in the road at various points and reminded him to be watchful of places the truck would get stuck in the mud. He just kept on smiling and looking out the window. Looking back at it now I really think he thought I was being helpful…he had no idea my panic attack was escalating to catastrophic levels. Near mile 12 I pointed out how hard it would be to turn around on such a narrow, twisting, mud laden road, but when we turned a corner and encountered snowy icy mud laden twisting narrow road I had enough. I actually said “I’m telling you now I am out of my comfort zone”. He just kept on smiling and driving. Did he not notice I was dying over here?!? I think he said something like “It could get better in a minute.” I didn’t have a minute. I needed out of the truck RIGHT NOW. We turned a corner and the road did clear up, it also opened up for a perfect place to turn this huge truck around. But Mark wasn’t slowing down; he made no attempt turn the truck around. I saw all my common sense fly out the window. I had to get out of that truck and quick. With panic in my voice I told him he had to stop the truck NOW. I was getting off this crazy train. I think that was the first time he actually noticed I was in a full blown crawling out of my skin panic attack. Where the heck had he been for the last 14 miles, enjoying the scenery. Did he not know we were going to DIE here on this muddy snow covered icy mountain road? Finally he understood the grave danger we were in and he pulled to a stop; carefully he turned the truck around and let me get out.

I know from the pictures it doesn’t look like we were in danger, but these are some very frightful parts.

While I was coming back to my senses, the girls climbed the near by mountain.

the decent

We then got back in the truck and drove down the mountain. It was much easier driving down then up...and quicker. Why does that happen?  Maybe because the fear of dying had left my body.  We found a nice little hill off the main road and had a wonderful lunch in the back of the truck.

Then the girls went looking for rocks.

Look, hitch hikers looking for ride back to town.

Does she look trustworthy?  We picked her up anyway!
On the way home we took a detour and looked for fun stuff on the river bank.

The cows on the opposite bank needed a little drink.

I love relaxing Sundays with the family they seem to be few and far between with all the busy schedules in this house. Hopefully we can change that soon.

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