November 16, 2010

The Pirates of Briarwood


Another Halloween has come and gone.  Which brings to a close a frantic month of sewing costumes.  When we first talked about what the girls wanted to be for Halloween, they told me we could just go to a thrift store and buy some clothes they would cut up and make into pirate costumes.  Thinking I would have an easy October, I agreed to make capes for the Star Wars concert.  But after a few trips to the fabric store to get cape supplies, the pirate costumes morphed and my sewing list grew.


Each of the girls helped create their own costume.  And for the first time Ashley’s costume was easier than expected!  The girls were very happy with the results and I think these were the best costumes I have made.

mark 048

This was Halloween 2009 A vampire and the queen of hearts.

002  006

Halloween 2008 a fairy and a bar maid.

I’m glad I can find the time and have some skills to sew the girls costumes.  It’s something my mom always did and I loved having custom made costumes.  In addition to the Halloween costumes, I also finished a few projects that have been partially made in the sewing bucket for a few years.  Allyson now has a few more skirts to wear this winter!

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