October 25, 2010

A busy weekend

We have a wonderful friend who works for the Boise Philharmonic.  For a few years now she has been telling me about all the wonderful things that the philharmonic is doing and inviting us to check them out.  Life always gets in the way and we have been unable to attend any of the concerts…until this weekend.

019 copy

You see, the philharmonic put on a Star Wars concert.  The girls (and Mark) were very excited to hear the music from one of their favorite movies.  I even volunteered to make capes. 

007 copy

The philharmonic had Star Wars characters in the lobby before the show and of course the girls took several photo ops.  The music was wonderful.  The conductor was very animated and lots of fun to watch.

013 copy2

Mark even joined in the fun, though he didn’t have a cape.  I offered, but he declined.  O Darth Vader how tall you are!  We all enjoyed the show so much we are talking about getting tickets to see the Lion King performance they are doing next year.  What makes it perfect is they have a “Family Series” of performances that are only an hour long and on a Saturday morning.  So the kids don’t get antsy.  This was the first time the kids had ever seen and orchestra, choir, and conductor.  They both realized how much goes into making a song after seeing all those people at work.  I’m glad we finally got it together and went to a performance and I hope we do it more often.

009 copy

The lighting in the lobby was terrible and I had to use the flash for most of the pictures so everyone has that pretty yellow glow.  But heck we have pictures with Darth Vader…

012 copy

Clone troopers….

016 copy

014 copy

007 copy


011 copy

and did I mention Darth Vader?

012 copy

Allyson wanted to be Darth Maul so Mark and her painted the mask.  It turned out really great and was a fun project for them to do together.

Now that Star Wars is behind us I’m sewing pirate costumes for Halloween.  Hopefully I get them done before the weekend…why do I always wait until the last minute?!?

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