November 17, 2010

A quick trip or small vacation.

A few weeks ago Mark was telling me how swamped he was at work. They had some big deadline they had to meet and a few things they did didn’t meet with the engineers expatiations.  He prepared me for possible overtime, which means he wouldn’t be able to come home on the weekend.  Just to give him a hard time I jokingly said “We don’t have anything on the calendar this weekend, maybe we should take a quick trip to Vegas?”  He responded 8 hours later by saying, “We are busting this work out.  Plan the trip. I’m in”


So I planned a last minute trip to Las Vegas.  We packed shorts and tank tops, a great change from the long pants and sweatshirts we had been wearing, picked up a rent a car and headed south.  Mark’s sister lives in Vegas and it just so happened that there was a birthday party for our 3 year old nephew that weekend.


We took the girls downtown on the strip.  They were amazed by all the buildings and things to look at.


Look a pirate ship!


A skull…this place is great!


Prettiest Walgreens I have ever seen.


We met some stars….


Played some hoops with Shaq….


Helped Simon pick the next American Idol…


And made sure President Obama was doing his job correctly…..Did I mention we had a nice time at Madame Tussauds?

050 037 068

Ashley was hangin with MJ                            Mark helped Jessica with the flag         Allyson was the first Hosick on the Moon

054 041

Ashley showed off her ballet skills.                                     And the girls rocked it with Gwen.


After sight seeing we made a quick stop by Trader Joe’s for some groceries.  I miss this place. Such yummy unique items, I picked up some great popcorn/rice puffed snacks for the drive home.


No trip to Vegas is complete with out a meal (or two) at In-n-Out burger.  Greasy burgers, fresh cut fries, and creamy strawberry milk shakes….yumm!


And don’t forget the Pump N Snack…I think the name says it all!  O the fun you have in Vegas!

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