October 11, 2010

We live in a college football town


I don’t think I ever watched college football before moving to Boise.  This town LOVES their college football team.  We are also fortunate to have a pretty darn good team, so it makes it a bit easier for me.  A few years ago we started buying season tickets to the games with some friends of ours.  Every few weeks we get together with 35,000+ of our closest friends and cheer on our home team.

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Here is a picture of the bleachers across from us.  See that little group of people dressed in black in the lower right corner…those are the visitors.  This was the game again the Oregon State Beavers.  This was our first home game of the season and the stadium was SOLD OUT.  32,000 people inside the stadium and another 10,000 outside in the parking lot tailgating and watching the game on generator ran TV's.  It’s quite an experience.

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It’s great when the action is right in front of us.


It’s nice to enjoy the game with good friends.


It’s even fun to see the man who paints his body blue sitting in front of us.  Gotta love football fans.

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