September 20, 2010

Toe Surgery photo

updated to add the before photo
This is the before surgery photo.  See how the tip of the toe nail is white, it’s actually lifted off the toe.  At first we thought it was an ingrown toe nail, but it never healed.  Our pediatrician referred us to a podiatrist who knew almost immediately what the problem was.  The dr took an x-ray and could see a little bone growth on the tip of the toe bone.  The surgery entailed cutting half the nail off, making an incision and removing the growth.  Hopefully the nail will grow back normally (sometimes the nails grow back wavy or thicker than normal) and she will forget all about this.
So here is the photo of Ashley’s surgery site. I have placed a pretty little flower over the incision. If you want to see the toe, just put your mouse over the picture and the flower will disappear. If you don’t want to see the grossness, keep your mouse away from the picture.  Good luck.


  1. My comment! It is gone!

    I googled osteochondroma and it looks pretty incredible! How did you know your daughter had this? I would imagine the bone was protruding, but was it under her nail? Either way, I'm so glad it's been fixed!

  2. The osteochondroma was growing off her toe bone directly up under her big toe nail. It was causing her toe nail to lift. At first we thought it was an ingrown toe nail, but it never fixed its self. After a referral to a podiatrist, who knew almost instantly what the problem was, and an x-ray we scheduled surgery.