September 2, 2010

Annual Family Reunion Camping Trip


Every year over the Memorial Day weekend my Dad’s side of the family gets together for a fun filled weekend camping trip.  Over the years the location has moved, but the fun stays the same.  Dad’s side of the family is huge.  Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents come from all over to join in the weekend. We have organized tournaments with trophies and everything.  The weekend is full of fishing, horseshoes, golf, motorcycle riding, family stories, great food and good drinks.


That my grandmother in the middle serving up her tequila shots.  Grandma’s tequila shots are a yearly tradition during the horseshoe tournament.  We always look forward to spending time with 125+ of our closest family members.  This camping trip is the only time we see many of these family members. I love to see the kids play with cousins they have never met before and become best friends by the end of the weekend. 


Ashley and Allyson spend the weekend riding dirt bikes, fishing, and playing with cousins.  They go to sleep every night worn out from a full day of activity.


Allyson tore it up on the dirt bike this year.  She rode for hours.  Was covered in dirt and loved every minute of it.


Ashley became good friends with a cousin from Boston. They rode ATV’s, played with the dogs, and hung out for most of the weekend.  I love all the activities we get to enjoy living in Idaho. 

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