September 10, 2010

Relaxing…I mean hunting

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We are lucky enough to have access to a wonderful cabin in the woods.  The house sits on acres and acres of pine tree lined land. There is a huge meadow in the back of the cabin that the deer cross after getting a drink from the lake.  Since I come from a family of hunters, it is the perfect weekend retreat for them to hunt and me to relax.  This past weekend my Dad joined us at the house.


That’s him in the boat with the girls getting fishing poles ready for a fun day on the lake.  For me this means the family will be gone and I will have hours to spend reading, listening to the wind in the trees, watching the little ground squirrels collect pine nuts, and working on my sunburn tan.  I think I get the better end of this deal, but the kids get hours of fun on the lake with their Dad and Papa…I’m sure I get the better end of the deal!


Hey, you little squirrel, where is your pine nut?  It’s almost winter you better get to work.


A weekend at the cabin means unlimited access to the dirt bike.  Last year there was a well traveled road that lead to the back of the property.  This year the road was overgrown with grass and wild flowers, so we made our own trail and the girls had some off road experience.  Good lessons on how to use the brakes, down shift, and keep your balance.


We were there during the Labor Day weekend and many of the small towns around the cabin had festivals.  The small town of Roseberry had an old fashioned ice cream social. For a donation to the historical society you had your choice of 6 different ice cream flavors and lots of fun activities for the kids.  They still use the original general store.  It’s full of old bottles, cans, feed bags, and suit of armor…suit of armor I don’t think that’s an original antique.


They had a car show that had several of these cars from 1913.


This one is a Ford, but there were others in this same style by different makers.  They had the neatest little lanterns on the side.  Looking at these old cars always makes me wonder about the original owners.  Where did they drive to? What fun stories does this car hold in it’s history?

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O yeah we did some hunting too.  That was the whole purpose of going to the cabin after all.

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