January 5, 2011

And my Baby turns 10…T E N


Have you met Allyson?  She is my baby.  When I close my eyes I remember her like this.


She’s the one in the cute pink hat.  She didn’t have much hair at first and she used to wear hats.  Look at all her friends!


We went to Disneyland when she was 1 and she kissed Winnie-the-Pooh.  She loved those guys.  As a matter of fact, I think she was Piglet for Halloween this year.


When she turned Two she let me put her hair in cute little piggy tails.  I miss those piggy tails.


Here she is on her 3rd birthday…notice no piggy tails….They grow up so fast.

erics wedding 06-24-05 113

Yes, she did enjoy the chocolate fountain at the wedding. Why do you ask?


When she was five she became a runner.  Her older sister is somewhere behind her.


“My Mom’s taking a picture and I have to smile…am I done yet”


When she was 7 she let her sister do the work…smart kid!


For some reason I can’t comprehend right now, we continued to let her have birthdays.  This is when she turned 8.  It was a crazy hat party and all her girl friends came over and decorated hats.  PLEASE STOP GROWING!!!!


This was just a few months ago.  She growing more independent and wants to earn her own money.  Then she’ll be talking about moving out and maybe even driving.  What is wrong with kids today?!?


No matter how big she gets, every time I close my eyes this is what I see.

Happy Birthday baby girl!  Now STOP growing!

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