March 29, 2010

A day at the Zoo…kind of!

So last Thursday the local schools were out for parent conferences or something like that. Even though we home school, trying to get the girls to do school work when their friends are home from school is impossible. So this year I figured if the traditional schools were out we would take the day off too. It's worked pretty well. Thursday is cheap day at Zoo Boise, the girls invited a few of their friends to come with us and we headed to the zoo. The weather man said it would rain in the morning, but as soon as we got into Boise the wipers were on full speed. The kids were undaunted by this fact and decided to go to the zoo anyway. After making a mad dash to the monkey house I pulled out the camera to document the craziness and found the memory card was still at home in the laptop. I figured I would check the gift shop as we ran past it to the rainforest house and was shocked that a 2G card was the low low price of $27.99. Having the common sense to not spend a fortune on a little memory card…I do have about 10 at the house…I left the gift shop empty handed and found the girls sliding down the rain drenched slide. Now that two of the four girls looked like they had a potty training accident, we moved quicker through the zoo. After a few hours of running from shelter to shelter getting soaked I took pity on them and called my Grandmother who lives close by asked if we could stop and use her dryer. By the time we finished drying our clothes the sun was shining and I think little birds came out to chirp…good thing I listened to the weatherman. Anyhow, since I refused to buy the overpriced memory card I will show you pictures of our zoo trip from a year or so ago.

About the time we went the zoo had just opened the Africa theme area. Allyson is standing on the 'dock' where the boat to Africa departs. You don't really get on a boat; as a matter of fact the dock is overlooking about 2 feet of water in the duck pond. You can stand on the dock; take pictures that look like you are waiting for a boat, and then walk the 100 feet or so to the Africa area. The girls were disappointed they didn't get to ride a boat,

But hey we have giraffes now.
And Lions

We have our good old favorite tigers,
And the always good for laughs penguins. I love seeing them half in the water, glass walls are great!

The girls always love posing with the bat ears. I must have a picture like this from every trip we have made to the zoo. They are finally growing into those bat ears.

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