February 24, 2010

Snowy days is a great day

We woke up to a nice lovey coating of snow this morning.

Shortly after we got up the icy rain started and then regular rain, so by the afternoon most of our snowy white blanket is gone. Now the streets are slushy and the puppies are soaked when they come inside.

We continued our science experiments with yeast today. Last week we found out that yeast likes to eat sugar, so we wanted to see if a certain type of sugar was better. So we got 4 different sugars and went to work.

Our findings showed that the yeast like pancake syrup best out of our four kinds. For this weeks science project we are growing mold on bread to see if mold grows best in light/dark/dry/moist conditions. I will update you on our findings as we go through the process.

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